1. Oral Award Sessions
    1. Pratima Kaushik Award- Clinical Dietetics/ Nutrition Award
    2. Swarna Padak Award- Experimental Nutrition
    3. IDA Award- Community Nutrition
    4. IDA Award – Food Science/ Technology
    5. IDA Pune Chapter Award – Clinical Case Presentation
  2. Poster Presentations:
    1. Clinical Dietetics
    2. Community Nutrition
    3. Experimental Nutrition
    4. Food Science/ Technology
  3. Free Communication Session

Guidelines for Abstract Submission:

    • The abstract should be in English, Times New Roman font size 12, single space.
    • The title should be in bold letters; use of abbreviations should be avoided.
    • Name of the author(s), designation(s) and affiliation(s) should be indicated using superscript.
    • Presenting author’s name should be in bold and underlined; and his/her e-mail address should be given for correspondence. The affiliation(s) should be given in italics. The title should be given in Capitals.
    •  Sub-headings like Objectives, Methods, Results and Conclusions should be in bold.
    • The abstract should not exceed 250 words (excluding author’s name(s)/affiliation(s) etc).
    • No objection’ certificate from all co-authors should be submitted along with the abstract.
    • Indicate whether the abstract is being submitted for oral/poster presentation.
    • For the abstracts being submitted for awards (oral/poster) please specify the award and the category for which it is to be considered.
    • The candidates submitting abstracts for oral award presentations are required to send their full paper (refer to the guidelines)
    • Last date for submission of abstracts: 30th Sept. 2019
    • Last date for submission of full papers for awards: 15th Oct. 2019
    • Regarding the submission of full paper, please refer to the guidelines. Email the abstract(s) and full paper (where required) to and send the hard copies to the Convener – Scientific Committee.

Postal Address: Bhavana Vaid, 29, Kasturi, 2, Silver Park, Amin Road, Rajkot

Email address:

Kindly Note:

  1. All abstracts would be peer reviewed.
  2. Scientific Committee reserves the right to assign it as oral or poster presentation and will communicate the same to the authors.

Important: Review the rules & guidelines before submitting an abstract / full paper. Indicate Abstract is being submitted for Oral Award / Poster Presentation / Free communication and specify category


Guidelines for E-Poster Presentation

    • The poster should be in English, Self-Explanatory and easy to comprehend.
    • The title should be relevant and brief.
    • Indicate name of author(s) and designation(s) and affiliation.
    • The poster should include abstract, introduction objectives, methodology, results discussions, conclusion and acknowledgments. The text should be clear and concise (the appropriate font size).
    • Use of photographs, diagrams and tables is desirable
    • The posters should be on display from 20th December 2019 to 21st December 2019.
    • The author should be a registered delegate of the Conference.
    • Use the given template for making poster.

Guidelines for IDA- Pune Chapter Award – Case Presentation

Criteria:  Presentation of case study



    • Practicing Dietician either working in Hospitals or self employed
    • Work experience of minimum 3 years (proof to be submitted)

Abstract guidelines
250 to 300 words

Brief outline should include

    • Title, background (about the clinical condition, aetiology, prevalence etc in brief)
    • Case details – biological data, demography, consanguinity etc.
    • Methods
      1. Screening and Assessment tools used (questionnaires, recording sheets, equipments etc.)
      2. Standards used for interpreting the assessments
      3. Use of allied medical information and biochemical /diagnostic tests etc.
      4. Predesigned forms – Recording of the information, follow up notes etc.
    • Assessments performed and interpreted
    • Estimating nutritional needs and planning
    • Complete Management
      1. Mention of medical management in brief (drug nutrient interaction
      2. Comprehensive Nutritional Intervention, administration of planned intervention
      3. Monitoring protocol during hospital stay till discharge
      4. On discharge guidelines /patient education
      5. Follow up
      6. Interpreting the evaluation of Nutritional Intervention

(Improvement in patient’s health and nutritional status, after intervention)

Time for power point presentation: 07 minutes, 03 minutes for discussion (question answer session)

Number of slides:  8-10.

Power point presentation to be prepared in 1997-2003/2007/2010 Microsoft version.  Submitted on a clean pen drive.

Guidelines for Paper Presentation (Award and Free Communication)


  1. The paper should not have been presented or published elsewhere.
  2. The presenting author should be a registered delegate of the Conference.
  3. The certificate for the paper presentation will only be issued in the name of the presenting author.

Oral Presentation

  1. The total time allotted to each speaker is 10 minutes which includes 7 minutes of presentation and 3 minutes for discussion.
  2. The presentation should be prepared in English language and in Microsoft Office Power-point format.
  3. The font can be preferably ARIAL BLACK and size of letters can be at least 14.
  4. The first slide should include:
      • Title
      • Names of the authors (the name of the presenting author should be underlined)
      • Institutional affiliation
  5. The main content of oral presentation should include:
      • Brief introduction
      • Aims and Objectives
      • Methodology
      • Results
      • Conclusion
  6. All sources of financial sponsorship of the study/conflicts of interest should be stated in the presentation.
  7. The presenting author should submit the presentation in a pen drive at least 1 hour before the scheduled time.


Author Guideline

Points to be noted during submission of paper:

    • Paper should be in ONLY MS-2 COLUMN format
    • Size of the manuscript should be between 06-08 pages; including figures, tables, graphs/ charts
    • Last page of the manuscript must be dedicated to Reference and conclusion